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The Forth Estuary Forum is a partnership of people and organisations around the Firth of Forth on the east coast of Scotland. The partnership draws its membership from a wide spectrum of interests including business, statutory agencies, local authorities and voluntary groups.

The Forum's purpose is:

To promote the wise and sustainable use of the Forth.

We also try to promote a co-ordinated approach to the management of our coastline and marine areas. The Forum does not have any statutory powers or duties - instead it relies on persuading others to voluntarily adopt plans and policies in line with the Forum's aim and objectives.

The Forum was set up in 1993 with a core group of members from a wide range of organisations including industry, local authorities and environmental groups as well as interested individuals. From these small beginnings it has expanded to a membership of around 80, established an office in Rosyth with two permanent staff and led on many projects and initiatives over the years.

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What do we do?

The Forum is one of the few organisations which can take a 'holistic' view of the Forth as most other organisations are restricted to specific areas on one coast or the other. The Forum has always had a policy of adopting a neutral stance on any topic which is important in our dealings with a range of interest groups.

Communication is a key part of how we attempt to guide and influence management of the Forth. Newsletters, bulletins, members' events and our annual conference are all important to improving understanding of the various impacts the Forth. At events and meetings the organisations involved in the Forth can exchange information in a neutral and informal atmosphere and all can gain an insight into the processes behind some of the developments and activities on the Forth.

What have we achieved?

One of the Forum's earliest successes was the production of the Forth Integrated Management Strategy in 1999. It was not so much the final document that was important but the process of putting it together which involved people from all around the Forth getting together and agreeing on actions to promote the Forth. We also:

  • Produced File on Forth - a directory of organisations and groups with an interest in the Forth
  • Set up the Forth Access Initiative (FAI) and funded the initial feasibility study in 2002
  • Established the highly successful Coastal Litter Campaign which ran from 2001 to 2004 and inspired communities and volunteers to help look after their beaches
  • Produced the Beach Litter Education Pack and CD which is now available across Scotland (2006)
  • Set up Friends of the Forth to help coastal communities take action to improve their local environment
  • Established the first Scottish 'managed realignment' feasibility study at Skinflats in Falkirk.
  • Produced a Wildlife around the Forth leaflet - so far 70,000 copies have been distributed.
  • Produced an On the Forth, a Leisure Craft Users Guide to the Firth of Forth leaflet which is widely distributed to clubs and marinas.
Annual Conference

Each year we arrange a conference in a venue close to the Forth. In addition to our AGM we have speakers on topics of interest to users of the Forth. The conference is a useful occasion for making contacts with other groups and individuals and finding what is happening around the Forth.

Look out for details of forthcoming conferences in the Annual Conference & AGM section or the News section.


The Forum is a charity registered in Scotland (No: SC027467). The Forum is also a company limited by guarantee (SC175839).

Directors and Management Group

The business affairs of the Forum are managed by the Directors and the strategic direction of the Forum is looked after by the Management Group. The Directors are volunteers and are not paid for their time spent on Forum business. For a current list of Directors please click below


Ruth Briggs (Chair)
Iain Rennick
Hugh Henderson
Derek McGlashan
Tom Brock
Ian Howarth

The Management Group meets regularly to advise the Forum on projects and actions. The Group is made up of representatives from organisations around the Forth including local authorities. For a current list of members of the Management Group please click below

Management Group

Ruth Briggs, Chair, Forth Estuary Forum
Frances Edwards, Forum Manager, Forth Estuary Forum
Derek McGlashan, Forth Ports Ltd
Malcolm Fraser, Scottish Natural Heritage
Richard Broadley & Mandy Brown, Falkirk Council
Paul Bancks, The Crown Estate
Johanna Willi, Fife Council
Richard Christie, Scottish Power
David Anderson, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Julie Dewar, City of Edinburgh Council
Graham Russell, RYA Scotland

Business Plan

The Forum's current Business Plan runs from 2015 to 2016. For a copy please click here. A copy of our most recent set of annual accounts (April 2012 - March 2013) is also available - click here.


Forum Manager - Frances Edwards frances.edwards@forthestuaryforum.co.uk

Forum Administrator - Sharon Waugh sharon.waugh@forthestuaryforum.co.uk

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Forth Estuary Forum - promoting the wise and sustainable use of the Forth