The Forth Estuary Forum brings together a wide range of interests keen to support a sustainable future for the Firth of Forth. Our membership includes government bodies, coastal local authorities, conservation agencies, businesses working in relevant sectors, community organisations and individual members of the public. Building on over 20 years at the heart of positive initiatives to protect and enhance the Forth estuary, we're currently refreshing our communications and relaunching this website. More to follow in 2024.


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  • Who we are

    Working together for a sustainable Firth of Forth


    Our purpose is to promote the sustainable use of the Forth by bringing together all groups with an interest in this remarkable stretch of water, running from Stirling to the North Sea. As the Local Coastal Partnership for this area, it's important to us that the estuary balances environmental care with economic prosperity and the needs of local communities.


    The Forth Estuary Forum is a neutral, inclusive membership group providing a stakeholder network for all those with the interests of the Forth at heart. We operate as a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee and, as well as subscriptions, we are supported by project income from the Scottish Government, businesses and other organisations.


  • What we do

    We support and develop valuable research, share knowledge, focus attention on key issues (such as pollution, biodiversity and the increasing threat of flooding) and bring stakeholders together to drive positive collaboration at ground and sea level.



    United in a common purpose

    A flourishing Firth of Forth is in the interests of everyone in Scotland, particularly those living and working in Fife, Clackmannanshire, Falkirk, Stirling, Edinburgh, West Lothian. Midlothian, East Lothian and the Borders. The Forth Estuary Forum is open to all organisations and individuals keen to see this important coastline prosper in terms of the environment, the economy and local communities. We're committed to working together for a sustainable Firth of Forth by promoting key research and supporting worthwhile projects. We will also be launching a number of fresh initiatives in 2024 to keep everyone in the Forum updated, and encourage conversations.



    Promoting the key issues

    We're committed to promoting key information and research that is critical to the sustainable future of the Forth of Forth. Our aim is to focus attention on the most important issues affecting the Forth estuary, including pollution, litter and microplastics, biodiversity, sustainable fisheries, offshore wind deployment and the increasing threat of flooding. If people are not aware of the challenges faced by the Forth, they can't be expected to care. Together, we bring those challenges sharply into focus and showcase the great qualities of this wonderful coastline. 



    Creating a positive impact

    The ultimate purpose of the Forth Estuary Forum is to make a positive, tangible difference at ground and sea level. Driven by the promotion of key knowledge and research, we work with our members to define the priority projects that are required to create a positive impact. We bring Forum partners together to collaborate and innovate, help to identify project funding and, where required, we take the lead ourselves. Importantly, we also celebrate the successful work of our Forum partners.

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  • The Blog

    Insights from people and organisations working for a sustainable Firth of Forth

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    We're currently keen to appoint fresh Trustees to our Board to help make our organisation fit for the future. If that is of interest, or you have any questions relating to the Forth Estuary Forum, please do get in touch via the form below.


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