What we do

The Forum’s purpose is to promote the wise and sustainable use of the Forth.

The Forum aims to bring together all those with an interest in the development and use of the coast and marine area, to work towards a balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social wellbeing, through good planning, management and communication. The Forum is the only organisation that has a strategic overview of the Forth as a whole and it works as a neutral body to allow it to develop and maintain working relationships with a range of interest groups.  The Forum has a key role in maintaining good communication between stakeholders. This aids understanding of the issues in the coastal and marine environment and encourages a co-ordinated approach to the management of the coast and marine area.

The Forum has four strategic aims:

  1. To support stakeholders in the integrated and sustainable use of the Forth
  2. To use communication to increase understanding of issues on and around the Forth
  3. To work with communities around the Forth to support their stewardship of the coastal area
  4. To contribute to the development of the Forth and Tay Scottish Marine Region.

These are underpinned by more detailed objectives.

The Forum’s Business Plan guides our annual work plan.
A copy of the current Business Plan and annual report can be found in the Publications section.

Communication is a key part of how we attempt to guide and influence management of the Forth.  Newsletters, bulletins, members’ events and our annual conference are all important to improving understanding of the various impacts the Forth.  At events and meetings the organisations involved in the Forth can exchange information in a neutral and informal atmosphere and all can gain an insight into the processes behind some of the developments and activities on the Forth.

Reports on previous Forum Annual Conferences, along with some of the presentations can be found on our Conferences  page in the publications section.

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At the Forum we take the way we use any personal information very seriously and would never knowingly share any details of our members without their express prior permission. Full details of our privacy protection policy are available here.

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