Who we are

The Forth Estuary Forum is a voluntary partnership of people and organisations around the Firth of Forth on the east coast of Scotland.  The Forum’s remit extends from the tidal reach at Craigforth, Stirling to Fifeness in the North and Dunbar in the South. The partnership draws its membership from a wide spectrum of interests including business, statutory agencies, local authorities and voluntary groups.  The Forum does not have any statutory powers or duties.

The Forum was set up in 1993 with a core group of members from a wide range of organisations.  From these small beginnings it expanded to a membership of around 80, established an office in Rosyth with two permanent staff and led on many projects and initiatives over the years.

The Forum staff are:
Forum Manager: Chris Cutts  chris.cutts@forthestuaryforum.co.uk

Forum Administrator: Sharon Waugh (Monday to Wednesday)    sharon.waugh@forthestuaryforum.co.uk

The business affairs of the Forum are managed by the Directors and the strategic direction of the Forum is looked after by the Management Group.

The Forum is a charity registered in Scotland (No: SC027467). The Forum is also a company limited by guarantee (SC175839). The Forum is governed by Articles of Association which were revised in 2013


The Directors are volunteers and are not paid for their time spent on Forum business.

The current Directors are:

Barry Shafe (chair)

Ian Angus
Professor Rob Duck
Derek McGlashan
Iain Rennick
John Bury

Management Group

The Management Group meets regularly to advise the Forum on projects and actions. The Group is made up of representatives from organisations around the Forth including local authorities.

Current Management Group members:

Barry Shafe, Chair, Forth Estuary Forum
Chris Cutts, Forum Manager, Forth Estuary Forum
Julie Dewar/Ken Tippen, City of Edinburgh Council
Johanna Willi, Fife Council
Derek McGlashan, Forth Ports Ltd
Zoe Clelland/Toby Wilson, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Malcolm Fraser, Scottish Natural Heritage
Christopher Murphy, Scottish Power
Paul Bancks, The Crown Estate Scotland
Graham Russell, RYA Scotland

Marine Scotland (Observer)
Scottish Coastal Forum (Observer)

The name chosen in 1993 was Forth Estuary Forum. Over the years there have been comments that the term ‘estuary’ is an English term and not in common use in Scotland. It is true that ‘Firth’ is a Scottish word with its roots in Old Norse. However the ‘Firth’ part of the Firth of Forth is commonly taken to mean the area of the Forth roughly from the Queensferry bridges downstream i.e. to the Forum’s outer limit. The ‘estuary’ is defined as the area of the Forth from the tidal limit at Stirling to the Queensferry Bridges. The River Forth is upstream of Stirling. By including the term ‘estuary’ in the name the Forum is including the whole of the Forth from Stirling to its outer limit i.e. a line drawn from Dunbar to Fife Ness.

Our members include

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